2018 State of the City


As of the January 1, 2018 King City has a total fund balance of $4,538,949, and just over $1.2 million in unrestricted reserves.

In addition to having one of the lowest tax rates in the region and across the state, The City is one of a select few to be entirely debt free.

In 2017 City Revenues reflected a respectable increase with the additions of the Highlands Community and Tax revenues associated with the marijuana industry. Our hope is to continue this pattern of growth as we look to the future of the City and the Areas west of the Bonneville Power Lines out to Roy Rogers.

Despite this positive growth and strong financial position there are looming expenditures on the horizon and a limited budget to work within.

As part of the City’s expansion we will seek to provide vital services to the residents of King City. These services will likely come at a cost and in an effort to reduce those costs the city is looking to acquire some land in the expansion area for future facilities. Our Long term needs will require service expansion that our current location will not be able to accommodate. In the Long term the City will need to have a facility capable of supporting our Citizens, Services and Infrastructure necessary to run the City.

In November 2018 King City will request reauthorization to continue our Police Levy. The current levy of $0.55 p/1000 of assessed value provides critical funding that supports our local police force. These funds are integral to keeping our street and neighborhoods safe and secure.

Our Street fund has an annual budget of 500,000 and a quarter of that fund goes to materials and services and another quarter goes to engineering, administration, operation and maintenance. The remaining funds are dedicated to Capital Expenditures and usually are limited to $200,000 annually.

In 2017 the City applied for a grant of 47,000 from the Small City Allotment. As of January 9, 2018, the City is proud to announce that it was awarded this small infrastructure grant. The Grant will pay for the City’s infrastructure project on Prince Albert. The additional revenue should allow the City to re-allocate other funds to areas that are in desperate need of resurfacing.

The City was awarded Federal Enhancement Funds for Hwy 99 and in the spring and summer of 2018 we will see a joint effort between King City and Oregon Department of Transportation realized as the Hwy 99 Sidewalk and Street Enhancement project begins construction. The Project is part of a larger region wide grant.

In November of 2017 the Sidewalk and Bike Lane Project on Fischer Road wrapped up. The Project was the first of many improvements that the City will realize over the next few years.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2018 and 2019, King City in conjunction with Clean Water Services, Tigard-Tualatin School District and Washington County will completely revamp 131st Street from Beef Bend to Fischer Road. Creating a new street scape and resurfacing 131st and Fischer Road from Beef Bend to Highway 99.

In addition to street work the City is working with Clean Water Services to acquire right of way to further develop the City and Regions’ waterfront trail. We envision the possible extension of King City to the Tualatin River with water access, trail and park amenities for our residents and neighbors.

On the western end of the city we are bordered by the Bonneville and PGE power lines. This area has been identified by Metro and Neighboring cities as the location of the Westside trail. The Segment going through King City is identified as Westside Trail Segment 3. We are continually looking for funds that will help us acquire and develop this area. The segment, which runs from Beef Bend to the Tualatin River is the perfect location to provide connections west, in addition to recreational amenities such as: a Dog Park, Play Grounds, Community Gardens, Water Access, Trail Network (Equestrian, Bike, &Ped), and Additional Parking Areas.

Our Capital Improvement list for the FY 2017-18 Included: Fischer Road, Queen Elizabeth, 136th Street, and Prince Albert. With the Completion of the asphalt overlay and sidewalk ramps those projects are nearly completed. Remaining crosswalks on 136th Street, MacBeth-Jordan Way, Fischer Road, and Prince Albert will be stripped as soon as weather permits.

Over the last year the City has had some turnover replacing a few positions, restructuring a few positions and adding three positions.

Over the Last year the City added a Specialist who will be focusing on developing the City’s GIS Technology and doubling as the City Recorder;

In the Fall of 2017 the City added an Additional Officer as part of a reorganization of the Police Force elevating Sergeant Happala to Lieutenant and Officer Sigler to Sergeant. The restructuring is part of a process to position the City and the police force for the future and demands.

Sadly In March our Chief of Police is retiring. Chief Fessler has been an unwavering asset for this community and our police force for 14 long years and there is no amount of appreciation or gratitude that we could bestow upon him that would account for his contributions to this City. Chief Fessler inherited a Department that was in shatters and in his time here has turned it around into one of the most reputable Police Departments in the region.

Finally in our efforts to be more responsive to the general needs of the infrastructure of the City we recently hired A Public Works Employee who just started this Month.

King City started out as a small retirement village on the outskirts of a metropolitan area. Over the past 50 years that Metropolitan area has grown to encapsulate King City on three sides. With over a 100 people a week moving to the area, demands on housing and apartments have grown exponentially. In just the last 5-10 years housing prices have doubled. With homelessness on the rise and economic hardships more prevalent. It becomes obvious that the area is in a housing crisis.

It has been nearly 20 years since King City last adjusted its Urban Growth Boundary, and with little to no buildable lands left within the Current Urban Growth Boundaries, the City has dedicated significant resources toward a plan to expand west to Roy Rogers Road.

I am pleased to announce that on March 6th the City will host an open house where we will unveil the initial drafts of the concept plan for the Urban Reserve Area 6D. The Plan envisions a bold future for King City and positions this community as a regional contributor and a community with opportunities for its own residents to live and work within City Limits. In addition to a robust mainstreet and towncenter the plan calls on industries that will cater to the tourist, and hospitality industries and potential medical and professional facilities. Stepping back from the mainstreet corridor the plan envisions a variety of housing types, from apartment and multifamily to larger lots with rural character. In addition to housing and economic development our position along the Tualatin River provides regional access to recreational and natural areas.

All in all, we are very excited about the future potential of the King City.