Request for Proposals King City Community Development Code Middle Housing Update

Request for Proposals

King City Community Development Code

Middle Housing Update


The City proposes to update its Community Development Code (CDC) to fully comply with HB 2001.  The City currently allows many of the middle housing types in the CDC, and this update will further expand the range of middle housing types allowed and encouraged by the City.

The City proposes to prepare a “hearings-ready” amendment package for the King City Comprehensive Plan (Plan) and Community Development Code (CDC) and to adopt the amendments by June 2021.  The City acknowledges that the Plan and CDC are in need of a comprehensive update, especially to prepare for properly guiding future development in former URA 6D (Beef Bend South).  The proposed HB 2001 Plan and CDC amendment project will be a component of this larger overall update.

Work recently began on the City’s first Transportation System Plan (TSP) to cover the existing city and Beef Bend South.  This plan will result in transportation-related amendments to the Plan and CDC.  In addition, a master plan will be developed for Beef Bend South over the next two years.  The outcome of this effort will also require extensive amendments to the Plan and CDC.  To systematically incorporate amendments to the Plan and CDC, the City is currently developing a framework and format for the amended Plan and CDC so as work is completed on middle housing, the TSP, and master plan, the related amendments will have identified places where they will “fit” into this Plan/CDC framework.

In addition to preparing a “hearings-ready” middle housing amendment package, other important goals related to this project include:

  • Preparing the Plan and CDC amendment framework in advance of the middle housing code update to have a logical and organized method for making necessary Plan/CDC amendments over the next several years as required by this project, the TSP, Beef Bend South master plan, and general code improvements and streamlining.
  • Creating middle housing Plan/CDC amendments that increase the likelihood of middle housing construction in the future.
  • Addressing the provision of middle housing in the context in-fill and new development.
  • Adopting middle housing and related Plan/CDC amendments that are consistent with building code requirements. 


Please go to to find the RFP.


Inquires shall be directed to Michael Weston, the Project Manager, by phone (503.639.4082) or email (  Proposals shall be submitted in one of two ways:

•              Three copies delivered to King City Hall, C/O Michael Weston, City Manager, 15300 SW 116th Avenue, King City, OR 97224; or

•              A pdf copy sent via email to Michael Weston (


Proposals shall be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 9, 2020.  Proposals received after this date and time shall not be accepted.  Faxed copies of proposals shall not be accepted.


The contract start date is anticipated to be in October 2020 with a completion date of May 31, 2021.


All proposals shall become part of the public file for the project, without obligation to the city of King City (City).  The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for good cause, in the public interest, and is not liable for any costs incurred by the consultant in the preparation or presentation of the proposal.