King City Transportation System Plan and Land Use Refinement Plan

King City
Transportation System Plan
and Land Use Refinement Plan

Until now, King City did not own most of its major roads. Most have been managed by other jurisdictions, such as ODOT. This worked fine for a while, but the needs of our City are growing and changing. Our population has more than doubled in the last 20 years, approaching 5,000. It could double again in another 20 years. 

King City is planning for gradual growth west to Roy Rogers Road, which will add to city-owned roads. Just as we are planning land use, we must also plan for how everyone will get around. The city’s first ever Transportation System Plan (TSP) will include a framework for a safe, well connected transportation system including policies, standards, network maps, a capital projects list and more. 

We need your help finding the best ways to serve people walking, biking, using transit and driving.

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