Code Services & Enforcement

Here at the Code Services and Enforcement, our mission is to enhance neighborhood livability and the quality of life in King City by helping residents and businesses understand and comply with the City Code. In so doing, we hope to build a sense of community, foster civic pride, and enhance the quality of life throughout King City.

What We Do.
The primary focus of Code Services and Enforcement is to educate the public and help resolve violations of the City Code. These code violations are called civil infractions. The most common civil infractions are called nuisances. Nuisances include problems such as:

Resolving Code Violations.
You are first notified by the Code Enforcement Officer, either in person or by letter, to educate the person and allow them to correct the problem voluntarily. If and when the responsible person does not voluntarily correct the code violation, the Code Enforcement Officer may issue a Notice of Code Violation. This may result in fees or penalties. Each day that a violation exists is a separate offense. For example:

Nuisance violations



$100 per day – First civil infraction


$250 – A seconded civil infraction


$500.00 per day – Third and   subsequent civil infractions