Parks & Recreation

17470 SW Montague Way
King City, OR 97224 

Within the next five years, over 700 homes will be built on the recently annexed land west of 131st avenue. King City successfully planned a new 17-acre park and open space to support the roughly 1,995 new residents. The Planning Commission, in conjunction with the City Planner and citizen input, designed and budgeted this new park. In conjuntion with Legend Homes the park has been completed and is enjoyed by all residents of King City. The new soccer field is already graded and the sprinkler system is in place and working. Over 50,000 plants around the park and newly developed wetlands has been added. 

Each new home built in this west King City area will be charged $1,664 dollars in System Development Charges (SDCs) to pay for this new park. Existing King City residents will receive all the benefits of this new park without having to pay for it. 

Additional Park Pictures:
Basketball_Court  KC_Park

park  playground