About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission generally meets on the fourth Wednesday at 9:30 am at City Hall located at 15300 SW 116th Ave, King City, Oregon 97224.

The Planning Commission is a seven-member volunteer panel responsible for reviewing development applications and ensuring applicants comply with the King City Comprehensive Plan, Community Development Code (Title 16 of the Municipal Code), and other applicable regulations and standards.  Commissioners serve as vital volunteers who bring robust community-led solutions and critical oversight to local government. The Planning Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council on all legislative land-use matters. Members are appointed to four-year terms by the mayor with the consent and approval of the council.

The roles and responsibilities of the Planning Commission include evaluating new and existing policies and plans that guide and regulate future growth and development in King City in a way that furthers the community's existing goals and commitments to sustainability, inclusivity, economic vitality, and livability. The Planning Commission ensures that new policy recommendations are consistent with the City's existing planning policies and development regulations.

Given the vital role of the Planning Commission, the City seeks to appoint members that accurately represent the diversity of King City's population. 

Planning Commissioners are expected to attend all Planning Commission meetings and devote time to study relevant issues before each meeting. Commissioners receive staff assistance from Development Services, which provides in-depth reports and information to support the function of the Planning Commission. 

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For questions relating to the Planning Commission for the City of King City, you can contact us at (503) 639-4082.