Frequently Asked Questions on the Request for Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

The City of King City maintains a record of approved architectural drawings for reference. The architectural drawings are available for review; however, copyright law protects the duplication of these drawings without the owner’s consent.

Q: What is a copyright?

Q: Why is the City treating architectural works (plans and drawings) differently than other types of documentation?

Q: Why is the City saying architectural plans are copyrighted if I don't see the © symbol on it?

Q: Doesn't Oregon Public Records Law mean the City has to give copies to the public?

Q: Who is the "owner" of a copyright?

Q: How can a customer determine who holds the  copyright on plans or drawings?

Q: How do I know if I'm qualified to copy under  fair use?

Q: Are site plans copyrighted?

Q: Can someone get a copy of plans or drawings for a replacement set, for deferred submittal or revisions without a copyright release or permission letter from the copyright owner?

Q: What do we do with the copyright release or permission letter?

Q: What if the owner of the plans is deceased or unavailable to fill out this form?

Q: Who can answer questions about this procedure?