FAQ Emergency Declaration Enforcement - COVID-19

In an attempt to answer frequently asked questions relating to the enforcement of the Governor's Executive Order 20-12 "Stay Home, Save lives," the Oregon State Police is offering guidance.


Should I call 911 if I see people congregating?

Is this martial law?

Do I need documentation from my employer deeming me essential?

Do I need a special placard on my car, when going to work or if I drive for work?

Will I be pulled over for driving on the highway?

Are the state lines closed and are there roadblocks?

If my business is closed, can I still go to work if my employer makes me? Won't I be arrested?

Are rest areas open?

Are police arresting or ticketing people in public or in violation of the Governor's Executive Order?

What about my kids that may congregate in a place without my permission, like a skate park?

Can I still go hiking and fishing?