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Land Use Inquiry Click here for the map!

The Land Use Inquiry map can be used by the general public, developers, and real estate professionals to identify land use and zoning regulations that impact the use of land. 

Search for an address or parcel number in the search bar, or click a location directly on the map to define the location to be buffered. Click a layer in the list of results to see the Current Land Use and Zoning designations for the property.

Park trail Fall 2018
Trails & Pathways - Click here for the map!

The City of King City is home to 4.6 miles of a mix of unimproved trails, paved trails, and pathways laced together, connecting our residents and visitors to each other and the natural beauty of our city.

131st Improvements4

Pavement Moratoriums  - Click here for the map!

A public view of moratoriums issued on newly paved streets that preclude, or restrict right-of-way activity.

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Quickly search and discover the latest data and geographic content from the City of King City in the Hub Site. Use keyword or geographic searches to find and quickly display content. King City is committed to being open, transparent and providing data that is easy to find, is accessible, and is usable.

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