Public Records Request

ORS 192.420 gives every person the right to inspect any non-exempt public record held by a  public body.  Requests for such City records must be made under the  Oregon  Public Records Law and in accordance with King City policy. Written requests for inspection or copies of City records must be submitted, on the City’s form, to one of the following or designees for processing: the City Recorder for general City records, the Police Record Custodian for police records, the Court Administrator for court
records.  If the City needs additional information or clarification, staff will contact the requestor.

Levels per City Policy APP-2018-01
Level 1 Request.
Requested records must be current and accessible, require no duplication, are not subject to the Public Records Fee Schedule, and must require no additional staff time or resources to be made available.

Level 2 Request

Requested records are not accessible, but can be made accessible with no more than 30 minutes of staff time.  Level 2 requests can be made to the public records officer for departments as specified in Section 4 C.Requested records must be located in a single departmentand readily accessible. Records requiring attorney review are Level 3 records. 

Level 3 Request.
  This type of request is complex, involves multiple staff and/or departments, or requires more than 30 minutes of staff time. It may involve extensive research or compilation of records. Any requests requiring legal review fall under this section.

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