City Council Meetings

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This page contains general information pertaining to City Council meetings.

The City Council Regular Session meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of every month and special meetings are called when needed.  

Currently, all city council meetings are being held by ZOOM. The information is published seven days before the meeting on the main website calendar and the council packet. Please confirm the time, date, and location or Zoom meeting link on the published agenda (usually 7 days before the meeting.)

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Speaking at Council Meetings
The City of King City welcomes and encourages all citizens to express their views to their city leaders in a respectful and appropriate manner. At each meeting, there is the opportunity for the public to speak under "Open Forum" on items that are listed on the agenda but not schedule for a public hearing. Citizens have used this opportunity to announce a community event, express a concern, add items for future agendas, or voice their opinion. Each person’s time is limited to three minutes.

If you wish to speak during a Regular Session fill out a green registration card available before meetings on the table outside Council Chambers and submit it to the Mayor or City Recorder in person. Please note that once the Speakers Registration card has been submitted to the Mayor or City Recorder, it becomes part of the permanent public record.

City of King City Public Meetings must:

  • Be Open and Accessible to the General Public
         (Except in Executive Session, see ORS 192.660)
  • Be Held in a Smoke-Free and Non-Discriminatory Location within      the City 
         (Except for Training Sessions, see ORS 192.630)
  • Be Properly Announced in Advance to the General Public
  • Have Interpretive  Services for the Hearing Impaired Available (24-hour notice needed)

City Council Meetings
There are several session types of City Council meetings, each with a different format to help the Mayor, Councilors, and City Staff focus on various topics, craft policy, and conduct the City's business.  Most meetings are open to the public.

Work Sessions
Council workshops are always open to the public. Workshop meetings are as needed - where the council reviews and discusses agenda topics. The Council may not make final decisions during the meeting. Workshop meetings may be televised and are open to the public. Public testimony is generally not taken at Workshop meetings. Workshop agenda items are usually topics on which Council receives preliminary information and provides direction for further staff analysis and information gathering for a later regular meeting.  Workshops are held on an as-needed basis at the City Council Chambers, usually at 6 p.m. Please confirm the time, date, and location or Zoom meeting link on the published agenda (usually 7 days before the meeting.) OPEN to the public

Regular Sessions
A regular meeting is where residents can voice concerns on any topic they wish. The City Council may deliberate toward a final decision on an agenda item, including consideration of ordinances, resolutions and conduct public hearings. The City of King City regular council meetings are open to the public, and regularly scheduled meetings are televised on TVCTV channel 30. Regular meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. They are generally scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM (new time as of August 18, 2021).  Please confirm the time, date, and location or Zoom meeting link on the published agenda (usually 7 days before the meeting.) OPEN to the public

Council Retreats, Tours, and Special Sessions
Held on an as-needed basis - Various Locations, usually OPEN to the public

Executive Sessions
Are meetings conducted by the Council with appropriate staff or advisors for deliberation on certain matters in a setting closed to the public. Executive Sessions may be held during a regular, special or emergency meeting after the Presiding Officer has identified the ORS authorization for holding the Executive Session. Among the permitted topics per ORS 192.660 are employment of a public officer, deliberations with the persons designated by the Council to carry on labor negotiations, deliberations with persons designated to negotiate real property transactions, and to consult with legal counsel regarding current litigation or litigation likely to be filed (note a full list). Please confirm the time, date, and location or Zoom meeting link on the published agenda (usually 7 days before the meeting.) CLOSED to the public, media may attend but cannot report.

The Mayor, or in the Mayor’s absence the Council President, presides over Council meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised Edition.

Contact the City Recorder if you have meeting questions or to submit public comments to the Council or if you find an error on the website. 

The City Manager and City Recorder support the Council by working to ensure that the statutes and guidelines of Oregon's Public Meetings Laws (ORS 192.620) are applied appropriately and accurately.  The actions and decisions made at all City meetings are held to these established criteria set by the State of Oregon.

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