Nestled at the foot of Bull Mountain, located in the Tualatin Valley along Highway 99W, sits the City of King City, the fulfillment of a dream by Ron Sorenson, its founder and developer. In 1960 Mr. Sorenson bought 66 acres of farmland "that was later to be the critical piece of land for the development of King City " In July 1966, Governor Mark Hatfield dedicated King City, Oregon, as an incorporated city.

Up until the 1980s, King City was an age-restricted city. Jordan Way was the first non-age restrictive development built in King City, followed by the areas west of 131st street. Throughout the growth of King City, developers built Single Family Use and Multi-Family Use residential houses west of 131st Street that welcomed all ages.

Since 2016, King City has been working on an expansion plan emphasizing smart growth, connected streets, parks, and trails that integrate with the natural systems to ensure an environmentally sound and economically sustainable community. Part of this growth planning was the concept plan, which Metro Oregon approved in 2018. The City is currently working on the Transportation System Plan and the Kingston Terrace Master Plan, which are nearing completion, and will be considered in early 2023. Per the 2020 Census data, King City has grown to 5,184 residents. This is a growth rate of 66.7% since the 2010 Census data.

King City recognizes the unique and diverse needs of our community members. Our mission as a city is to partner with our community to achieve the goal of improving our quality of life by working toward a safer and more connected community by addressing personal safety, health, environmental sustainability, and transportation needs and meeting the challenge through proactive community engagement and serving our residents.

King City History Archives

King George drive
1964 Hager farm future location of King City.
King City snow fall 1969.