Land Use Board of Appeals Upholds City Council Ordinance: Transportation System Plan

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has Approved an ordinance passed in 2023 by the City Council that adopted the first Transportation System Plan (TSP) of the City of King City. In 2018 the City Council adopted a concept plan establishing the City's long-range vision for urbanization for the Kingston Terrace planning area. As part of this complicated process, state and regional mandates dictated that it was necessary for the City of King City to adopt a Transportation System Plan that would illustrate how the growth could be accommodated adequately, safely, and efficiently. 

The matter of adopting a Transportation System Plan was taken very seriously by the City Council and after hiring multiple independent traffic engineering firms and performing several traffic impact studies, there was one clear choice indicated by the experts. The City Council voted on the plan that made the most sense logistically and had the least environmental and social impact overall. 

This Decision by LUBA affirms that the City Council acted in good faith regarding the adoption of this TSP, and that all considerations were made before the adoption was finalized. This is the second LUBA case to be approved in favor of the City Council (4 of whom have been recalled for making these decisions). LUBA rejected the appeal and denied all assignments of error put forth by the appellant.

The Transportation System Plan is a vital component of the Kingston Terrace urban planning goals of the City of King City. This plan creates the foundation for a road network that may come to be developed over the next few decades.

A link to the LUBA decision can be found Here