Notice of Decision: Town Center Development Proposal Approved by Planning Commission

On April 24th, 2024 the King City Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider approval for the Kingston Terrace Town Center development. 
This Development - Land Use File #24-01 - Had been submitted to the City for review in March, 2024. A Planning Commission workshop was held on 03/27/24, in which the applicant and member of the Planning Commission met along with City Staff to discuss components in the proposal. Members of the Planning Commission also raised concerns, and posed questions to the applicant for response at the Public Hearing in April. Members of the public were also in attendance. 

in total, 7 Land Use applications were addressed at the Public Hearing:
  • A Minor Land Partition
  • Development Plan Review
  • Subdivision
  • Kingston Terrace Goal 5 Safe Harbor Review
  • Upland Wildlife HCA Review
  • Floodplain Drainage Review
  • Tree Removal Permit
For logistical purposes, the Minor Land Partition application, which legally separates Al's Home and Garden from the adjacent tax lot, was separated from the rest of the application and voted on first. This vote, to legally separate Al's Home and garden from the adjacent tax lot and the development proposal passed unanimously 5-0.

The remaining 6 land use applications were then discussed in great deal. City Staff gave a report where findings shown that all King City Community Development Code requirements were satisfied. The applicant then gave a presentation of the proposal and of the Town Center Development itself. Members of the Planning Commission asked questions about the proposal, all of which were satisfactorily answered. Members of the Public were also given an opportunity to give public testimony on record. 
The Town Center Development was then voted on and passed unanimously 5-0.

Staff Report