First-time Applicants

New Passport

When applying for a new passport for a person 16 years or older:

  • Bring your completed application form DS-11 (PDF). Do not sign the form until the agent asks you to do so. Complete application using black ink only, the state department will not accept applications filled out in other colors.
  • Bring documentation proving US citizenship such as your state certified birth certificate (this document must show your parents’ names) or your original naturalization certificate.
  • Bring a current photo ID, one passport photo and two checks or money orders (one will go to the Passport facility and the other to the Department of State).
  • You will sign the application in person at the passport acceptance facility
  • The passport facility will mail your passport application and submitted documents to U.S. Passport agency for processing.
  • You will receive your new passport and submitted documentation separately in the mail.

Additional Information

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