What's going on #Mondays - 131st Ave Improvements:

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What's going on #Mondays:

131st Ave Improvements:

Mr. Powell #Asked: “Hey king city. Looking at the center cement you all installed in front of deer creek. How are the busses going to get out? Thats a serious cut to head up to beefbend. Also you took a great deal of left turn away. How are all those cars in the morning going to get into deer creek? Wont it block 131 northbound traffic. It will force cars into that neighborhood on the right and cause a serious back up on 131 north. Just asking looks like you reduced when the school is growing.”

What a great question, the improvements on 131st Ave will help our residents have safer and ADA-compliant walkways to homes and the school. The residents going to the school (northbound) can still turn left, and the buses can still turn right or left in or out of the school parking lot. The Northbound traffic will be slowed down for the safety of the kids and parents.

The #safety of the children at Deercreek and the #neighborhood is number 1 to the City and the School District.

The plans can be found at: http://www.ci.king-city.or.us/…/131st_avenue_improvements_-… 
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