King City Waives the Signature Requirement to Run for City Council in November

April 22, 2020

 In order to follow both the language and intent of Governor Brown's Emergency Executive Order 20-12, and to ensure that all eligible King City residents have an equal opportunity to participate in our local government, the City of King City is waiving the requirement that candidates for City Council collect signatures to become eligible to have their names appear on the ballot.  King City cannot risk the health of residents by asking them to collect signatures in person.

 We also understand that not all residents have access to electronics that would allow them to collect signatures electronically.  The most fair and equitable way to make sure our local government remains of the people, by the people and for the people, is to waive the signature requirement.  All other requirements related to eligibility, such as City Elector, and the residential requirement, shall remain in effect.

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